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Fentanyl – Information & Resources

Many people are concerned about fentanyl right now… and with good reason.  The fentanyl crisis across Canada has developed fairly rapidly, leaving many questions unanswered.  If you are looking for information, prevention approaches, harm reduction strategies, treatment options – we are here for you.

Ten key messages about fentanyl:

  1. Fentanyl is dangerous – it only takes a tiny amount to cause overdose or death.
  2. Fentanyl can be added to other drugs without users’ knowledge.
  3. You don’t know what’s in your drugs – neither does your dealer.
  4. The dose of street fentanyl is impossible to predict.
  5. What you can’t see can kill you.
  6. The choice to use fentanyl could be your last choice.
  7. Fentanyl can take your breath away – forever.
  8. Carfentanil – intended for elephants, not humans.
  9. If you think your child might be using fentanyl or other drugs, we can help.  AFM Youth Services
  10. People DO recover from fentanyl addiction!  Manitoba Addiction Helpline

Fentanyl PowerPoint presentations:

A number of resources have been developed by the Lead of the Manitoba Addictions Knowledge Exchange.  We are happy to provide these resources for your use in public education. Instructions and comments to assist in facilitating the presentations are located in the “Notes” section of each presentation. AFM would appreciate being acknowledged for creating the content when it is presented.

  • Fentanyl Abuse: A fatal attraction
    • The full version of this presentation contains 30 slides, and would be expected to take between 30-45 minutes to present, depending on the audience, number of questions and familiarity with the topic. This presentation has been designed for use with a general audience. It should be suitable “as is” for groups of parents, educators and service providers. Please feel free to modify the presentation to better meet your specific needs.  For example, the notes section on the title slide indicates a number of slides that may be omitted due to time constraints or having an audience that includes youth.
    • The shorter version of the presentation contains 10 slides, and would be expected to take between 10-20 minutes to present, depending on the audience, number of questions and familiarity with the topic.  The content of this presentation has been modified to make it more appropriate for youth audiences. Please feel free to modify the presentation to better meet your specific needs.  For example, this presentation could easily be embedded in an existing presentation on drug use/abuse, etc.
  • “Having healthy conversations with youth about drugs”
    • “If you’re not talking to your kids about alcohol, who is?”  This presentation has been developed by AFM staff experienced in youth substance use and addictions.  Youth have different levels of knowledge about substance use based on their experiences and interests. We know that youth are exposed to a variety of alcohol and drug messages all the time through media, the news, music, movies, internet and social media. This presentation provides invaluable guidance in having effective conversations with youth about drugs.  We hope this information will help you feel equipped and better understand how to have healthier, successful conversations about such sensitive issues with such a sensitive population.
  • Visual slide sets – A selection of slides with high visual impact have been selected for use with closed circuit TV monitors/etc. in high schools, medical offices, etc. These slides may also be used as printed posters.
    • Set A includes visuals developed by AFM
    • Set B includes a selection of images from posters developed by the Government of Manitoba (full selection can be accessed below via the Fentanyl webpage)

Community Forums:

Fentanyl & Other drugs – What Youth & Families Need to Know

  • Back by popular demand!! Several additional fentanyl forums have been scheduled in April & May 2017.  Everyone is welcome.  To find a community forum near you, click here to view the poster.
  • From January through March, 2017 AFM organized community forums throughout Manitoba to allow families, youth and concerned members of the public to learn more about fentanyl and other drugs.  These forums provided informational presentations about fentanyl (see above for PowerPoint presentation) and having healthy conversations with youth about drugs (see above for PowerPoint presentation).  Each forum also featured a panel discussion and question & answer session with key local resources (law enforcement, paramedics/emergency services, public health) along with AFM staff.  We are pleased to provide a link to the community forum event that took place in Thompson on January 19, 2017.  Many thanks to Shaw TV Thompson for recording this event.

Fentanyl information sheets:

Overdose/naloxone information sheets:

Treatment for opioid addiction:


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