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Resiliency in Action

Resiliency In Action is a pioneering publishing and training company founded in 1996 by Nan Henderson, Bonnie Benard, and Nancy Sharp-Light. The mission of the company— developed before the word “resiliency” was commonly used—is to share the growing body of social science research that documents how people of all ages bounce back from life challenges of all kinds. In addition, these founders wanted to make the strategies recommended by this research accessible to everyone. On this website, you can find articles, quizes and presentations on Resiliency.


Personal Resiliency Builder

An individual’s resilience impacts greatly on their positive mental health and wellbeing. The Personal Resiliency Builder (PRB) will give you an opportunity to measure your own resilience and to obtain some practical ideas about how to enhance your own or that of your workplace.


Resiliency Center

On this website you can find resources to increase your own resiliency, the resiliency of teams and of your organization. There are many links to current and emerging research, stories and books.


Project Resilience

Project Resilience is a private organization based in Washington, DC. The website offers teaching materials and productstraining and disseminates information for professionals working in education, treatment, and prevention. Project Resilience works with a strengths-based approach to both youth and adults who are struggling to overcome hardships such as family disruption, poverty, violence, substance abuse, and racism.


American Psychological Association

This website is intended to help people with taking their own road to resilience. The information within describes resilience and some factors that affect how people deal with hardship. Much of the website focuses on developing and using a personal strategy for enhancing resilience.


The Psychology Foundation of Canada

In this document entitled, ‘Kids Can Cope: Parenting Resilient Children at Home and at School’, the focus is on middle years children. The document gives a step-by-step approach to foster resiliency from a parent and teacher perspective.


Resiliency Resource Centre

The Embrace the Future Resiliency Resource Centre is a website for teachers, parents and other people who work with or care for children. It provides information about resiliency and how to foster it in children. Although much of the information provided here will be relevant to adolescents as well, the focus of this site is on primary-school age children.