Manitoba Addictions Knowledge Exchange



Trauma-Informed Care Resources

Effective addictions treatment addresses the prevalent and pervasive impact of trauma on clients by providing services that are sensitive to this reality. Such services are considered to be being ‘trauma-informed’.

The following resources will assist individuals and organizations in understanding the role that trauma plays in the lives of those affected by mental health and addiction concerns.

  • Trauma-informed Organizational Implementation Toolkit – The purpose of this toolkit is to provide agencies with an overview of the best practice models and resources presently available for organizational implementation of trauma-informed practice. Agencies can review the various options and choose models and resources that best align with their particular needs. Although each agency will forge its own unique path towards trauma-informed care, every organization’s journey would benefit from having a roadmap.

In addition to the above resources, the Knowledge Exchange Centre has an extensive collection of resources related to Trauma-Informed Care, including books, work books and audio-visual resources.  If you wish to access the Resource Collection of the Manitoba Addictions Knowledge Exchange Centre, please click here.  The resource catalogue is fully searchable online.