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The goal of Connections is to develop and evaluate an innovative knowledge transfer and exchange strategy with meaningful involvement of stakeholders in the process, which will ultimately improve services for women with substance use issues and their children in Canada.

British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health

On the site you can find resources, publications and research pertaining specifically to women’s issues. Particularily, you will find information on

  • Women, Gender, Tobacco and Lung Health
  • Women, Gender, Addictions and Mental Health
  • Women and Health Services
  • Women, Gender and Chronic Disease
  • Health Promotion and Women; and
  • Physical Activity

Licit & Illicit Drug Use During Pregnancy: Maternal, Neonatal & Early Childhood Consequences (2013)

This report is the third in the Substance Abuse in Canada series published by the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) to draw attention to key substance abuse issues and highlight areas for action in both policy and practice. Published biennially, each edition is developed through review and analysis of the latest research evidence. The current edition examines issues related to prenatal substance use, specifically:

  • unique dangers of substance use for women in general and pregnant women in particular;
  • treatment should be comprehensive and encompass a continuum of support services that includes counselling, medication-assisted treatment, parenting resources, housing, employment and transportation;
  • negative stigma towards people with substance use problems must be addressed because it is a significant barrier to pregnant women accessing treatment.